Bringing the community together to generate some winter and summer stoke!

Lindsay Earle


"You put on your boots, click into your bindings, dust the snow off your skis, and head out for the chairlift, and it doesn't matter that you failed that test, didn't get the girl, or nothing makes any sense, cause as soon as you hit the slopes your world is right for the next couple of hours" 

-Chris Rubens 

Growing up in the GTA, Lindsay, an avid athlete, started skiing the local hills (Snow Valley, Horseshoe Resort, Mount St. Louis Moonstone, and, of course, Blue Mountain Resort) around the age of 9 with her family. Lindsay and her Dad always attended the Toronto Ski & Snowboard Show to kick off the ski season (it also provided excellent inspiration for the annual father-daughter ski trip out west!), followed by attending the latest Warren Miller Entertainment movie release! After watching the talented athletes, taking in the incredibly beautiful landscapes, and laughing along with the funny adventures, you were guaranteed to be leaving the theatre ready to put on your ski gear and hit the hills.  Lindsay chased the mountains out west after graduating university, living out some of her wildest ski dreams and attending different ski movie premieres when the opportunity arose. 

Lindsay's passion for skiing and generating a sense of community, combined with a drive for taking on challenges, spurred the idea of a ski movie night for the community, which then evolved with the help of local business partners into Mountain Movie Fest.

A common thread in everything Lindsay does is the desire to give back. Tying in a charitable component was very important and what better cause than climate change given its impact on skiing and winter conditions. As a member of POW Canada, it was an easy connection. 

Thanks to everyone that supported this passion project in some way or another, from friends and family to local business partners. Here's to winter sports, engaging community, giving back, and chasing goals fueled by passion.

See you out there.

While I would love to say the outdoors has always held a special place in my heart, that’s not entirely true. As the oldest of three siblings, our active parents often took us hiking and camping, and we would whine the WHOLE TIME. Nevertheless, my parents persisted, and by middle school we loved (or at least, tolerated) being active as a family.  In High School, our Outdoors Club did yearly field trips to Sojurn’s Banff Film Festival World Tour showing in Barrie, and that’s when I really started to realize the vast scope of activities and epic adventures happening globally. This spawned a desire in me to travel the world, and I worked for Backroads (an active travel company) in France, Costa Rica and Alberta. While in Alberta I was finally able to attend the Banff Film Festival in person, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be present! Now, living and working in Collingwood, I’m so excited that we are bringing our very own Mountain Movie Fest to town for others to have that same experience! We are so lucky to live in an incredible place with access to four-season adventures, with like-minded people who also want to celebrate our area and preserve it for years to come.

As a member of Team Salomon, when Lindsay approached us with the idea of creating our own winter stoke event, I just knew we had to be on board! The Salomon team believes that the outdoors should be accessible to all, and that we all need to make #timeToPlay. We are thrilled to be a partner for Collingwood’s Mountain Movie Fest, and look forward to welcoming the community and sharing the stoke for winter! 

Caitlin Foisy